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Pesach and its Moral Imperative

par Yamin Levy, Rabbi The holy day of Pesach is so fundamental to the Jewish religious theological and spiritual experience it is difficult to decide where one begins to discuss the nature, meaning and resonance of the festival. The Exodus

Hanukah and the Mitzva of Kiddush Hashem

par Yamin Levy, Rabbi Hanukah celebrates the miraculous victory of the “few over the many” and the promise of Jewish survival no matter the hardship and circumstances. The Talmud describes this holy day as a time of “Praise and Thanksgiving”

Prier avec cœur

J’ai appris à prier en observant ma mère. Enfant, j’épiais sans vergogne la section des femmes à la synagogue et j’étais sidéré par la fervente kavanah (intention), avec laquelle ma mère priait. Cette expérience de jeunesse a contribué à élucider

Redemptive Teaching and Experiential Education

Yamin Levy

          The hallmark of freedom is the opportunity to learn. A free society promises every one of its members the prospect to study, research, investigate and acquire knowledge. It is therefore not surprising that at the

Unraveling the Mystery of Psalm 30: The Psalm of Hanuka

          The sages of the Talmud assigned each day of the week as well as every holy day a particular Psalm from the book of Tehillim (Book of Psalms). Psalm 30, which begins with the words

Les Juifs sépharades en Amérique du Nord

Yamin Levy est rabbin de la Synagogue Beth Hadassah de Great Neck, NY, fondateur et chef spirituel de la Long Island Hebrew Academy et fondateur ainsi que le directeur international du Maimonides Heritage Center situé en Israël et à New